My customers are my business. I strive to be as helpful and informative as I can. Here are a few comments sent in from previous clients.

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for a Stellar Job! You helped me feel very comfortable in asking questions. I felt as though I've known you a long time, that is a gift. The pictures are so vivid and explanatory, along with the explanations and recommendations. I know your work calendar will be booked for many years. Continue in your integrity. Most definitely, a pleasure meeting you!"
Eula S.
Belleville, IL

"Thank you very much for coming out and inspecting our home. Being first time homebuyers, we're new at all of this. We appreciate that you took the time to explain what you were doing, as well as answer our questions. We were quite impressed with the Inspection Report and will refer you to anyone that may need an inspection in the future."
Nicole & John
Belleville. IL

"It's not easy to find a home inspector with the quality you have. You have done a wonderfully job which exceeds our expectation. In addition to the inspection itself, we have learned a great deal from you during the inspection. We sincerely wish your business become more and more successful in the future."
Jessie & Kevin
Fairview Heights, IL

Thank you. You were very informative and showed me what you were looking at and what if anything appeared to be wrong. You respected me as a person and didn't make me feel like I was "just a woman" and didn't know anything.”
Illa W.
Belleville, IL

Thanks Mark. The report is great! I couldn't be more pleased ... it's thorough and very easy to read.”
Yvonne H.
Godfrey, IL

I was very impressed with your professionalism and patient demeanor. The process is an anxious one for the buyer and you made it all very much more comfortable.”
Rich B.
O’Fallon, IL

Let me just say thank you and thank you again for doing an excellent job on the inspection! Your thorough and detailed answers to our many questions are much appreciated.”
Dynnell D.
Glen Carbon, IL

I've read through the report and it was everything I expected... and then some. I particularly like the tips about maintaining the property. Those are very important and many people are not aware of some of the little things that can really make the components of their home last longer. (There were even a few that I'd not thought of!) It has been a pleasure working with you and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone that I know who is planning to buy a house.”
Diana D.
Dupo, IL

I appreciate your thoroughness with the inspection. The report is outstanding and extremely informative. Thanks for all your help!”
Chad B.
O’Fallon, IL

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on the inspection. You surpassed my expectations and I was extremely pleased with all the information you provided. Your report was very thorough and has made it a lot easier for me to not only explain to people what I need done, but also show them pictures so they can see for themselves what I'm describing. If anyone I know mentions needing an inspection, I will be sure to recommend you.”
Rebecca P.
Belleville, IL

Thank you very much for this excellent report.”
Gustavo M.
Edwardsville, IL

Thanks for the very thorough inspection. We appreciate you getting this done so quickly.”
James R.
Swansea, IL

Thank you very much for your thorough and educational service. The inspection could not have been any better. I learned so much and all my immediate questions were answered. I appreciate your honesty.”
Rommel A.
Belleville, IL

The report is great - the comments and recommendations really help.”
Deborah H.
 Belleville, IL

Mark, Thank you for a fabulous, professional job. I love your format it was informative and easy to read.”
Lori B.
Belleville, IL

I’m very impressed that you have such a fast turn around time on getting the information back to me, and I was also quite pleased that you could schedule my appointment so quickly. I feel that you covered all the important aspects of a home inspection and I’m comfortable with the things that you pointed out that will need to be addressed.”

Leanna S.
Columbia, IL

Great to meet you today and thanks so much for the thorough inspection and maintenance hints and advice. Was a real pleasure watching you work and the comprehensiveness of your inspection was very impressive. Air Force quality, man you have to love it! Your report is complete, direct to the point and exceeds every expectation I had for the service.”
Gary L.
New Athens, IL

Thank you for the fantastic inspection and also the great report; as an engineer I appreciate the thoroughness of your report and the very informational walk through we had. I learned a great deal and will be putting your report in a binder in the basement for reference during my preventative maintenance...,it was an A+ report!”
Robert K.
O’Fallon, IL

Thank you very much for you service to our family. Your professionalism and kindness was much appreciated.”
Chad A.
Collinsville, IL

Thanks so much for the excellent inspection and report. Having it first thing this morning is absolutely fantastic. Completely satisfied on the quality and timeliness, really enjoyed working with you yesterday. Appreciate you letting us tag along and ask a thousand questions. You were very patient, kind and knowledgeable.”
Jim S.
Greenville, IL

Thank you for taking time out to do this inspection. It was very informative and I will most certainly maintain your information on file for future use.”
Jaki J.
Fairview Heights, IL